Kind Kenyan Landlord clears January rent for tenants, gives them shopping money

A landlord in Kenya has demonstrated his kindness and generosity by exempting his tenants from paying rent for the entire month of January.

Plus, he gave them a surprise sum of money to help with their shopping.

Tenants were invited to a gathering on New Year’s Eve to commemorate the beginning of 2024 by the landlord, Kamau, and his spouse.

They revealed the information during the meeting, which grateful and stunned the tenants.

In January, Kamau’s wife informed the tenants that her husband had made the decision to cover their rent; those who had already made payments would have their money carried over to the following month.

“The people who were last here, Kamau took the initiative and said he was going to pay rent for all tenants for this month (January). This month there is no one who is going to pay rent,” she announced, attracting cheers and uliliations from the tenants.

She also said that they had another surprise for the tenants: envelopes containing cash for them to spend on their shopping.

She explained that they wanted to give them something extra to make their new year happier and brighter.

She handed out the envelopes to the tenants, who thanked them profusely and expressed their joy and gratitude.

“We have decided to give you some money because last year we cooked and ate during the meeting but this one we said instead of cooking we give you the money to help you with shopping,” she happily announced to the excited crowd.

She continued: “We have decided to make it a continuous thing.”


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