“There is nothing funny in Kenya” – Eric Omondi on why he stopped doing comedy

Eric Omondi, comedian, activist, and philanthropist has ceased his comedy career due to Kenyans’ reluctance to laugh, despite expressing his continued interest in the art form.

“Can right now Eric be referred to as a comedian, or should we remove that title completely?” the interviewer inquired.

In response, Eric announced his decision to relinquish the title, stating that he was no longer interested in pursuing comedy.

“Sahizi Eric Omondi is not a comedian because there is nothing funny in Kenya,” he firmly stated.

He elaborated further, highlighting the somber mood prevailing in the country, which he believed rendered comedy unnecessary.

Eric Omondi
Eric Omondi

Eric emphasized that given the state of the nation, there was nothing humorous or worth laughing about. “There is nobody who wants to laugh, people are depressed. Actually, I think we should ban all comedy shows in the country. There is nothing to smile or laugh about. You can’t laugh in a funeral honestly,” he asserted.

Echoing his sentiments, Eric stressed the gravity of the situation, noting the prevalent grief and financial struggles faced by citizens.

“The atmosphere in Kenya is one of grief; it does not require jokes and comedy. At this point, until things get better, until things are okay, there is no comedy, no jokes. Unachekesha nani? Kwa nini? Saa ngapi?” he candidly expressed.

He challenged the interviewer to gauge the sentiments of random passersby on the streets, confident that they would echo his sentiments regarding the lack of humor in the current circumstances.

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