Gospel DJ Mo reveals how much he paid for Size 8 as dowry

Gospel DJ Mo, also known as Samuel Muraya, has revealed his relationship with Size 8 gospel singer and pastor Linet Munyali.

DJ Mo talked about his early days as a struggling DJ in Githurai in an interview with Oga Obinna.

He had previously seen Size 8 at numerous gatherings, but was unable to approach her because of his lower position and the high-value suitors who were vying for her attention.

The DJ admitted that in order to fulfill his aim of winning the musician’s heart, a certain incident and his friend Antoneosoul’s incapacity to keep a secret were required.

Although brief and uncomfortable for DJ Mo, the incident resulted in a conversation between him and Size 8. They started talking more and spending more time together as time went on.

He went to her house before she made her public conversion to Christianity. He managed to scrounge together 150k for her dowry, but it took a lot of effort. When he went to see her family, he proposed marriage.

Even if it meant losing everything, I would have been devastated if she had said no while I was on the verge of disaster.

He acknowledged the importance of her mother’s participation in their relationship and credited her with helping him marry Linet (Size 8).

The encounter, though abrupt and embarrassing for DJ Mo, led to a conversation between him and Size 8. As time passed, they began to communicate more and spend time together.

Before she publicly announced her conversion to Christianity, he visited her home. He had scraped together 150k for her dowry, but it was an uphill battle to gather that sum. He visited her family and asked for her hand in marriage.

I was on the brink, and if she had declined, I would’ve been utterly devastated – even if it meant losing everything.”

He attributed his success in marrying Linet (Size 8) to her late mother, acknowledging her pivotal role in their union.

“The person who truly made Linet my wife is her late mother,” DJ Mo added, expressing profound gratitude.

DJ Mo also clarified that his initial payment of 150k was part of the Kikuyu tradition, but he emphasized that over time, he has contributed more.

In a past interview with a local newspaper, Size 8 revealed that rich men wanted to marry her but when she introduced DJ Mo to her mother, she said he was going to be a good husband.

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