Woman arrested after her son dies mysteriously in Kisii

Police in Kisii are holding a 23-year-old woman whose child died under mysterious circumstances.

This is after the boy aged two years and eight months died after complaining of stomach pains.

According to a police report, the incident happened in Gucha South subcounty and was reported by Ikoro sublocation subchief Jacqueline Mogoi.

The child is suspected to have died of poisoning from a poisonous chemical.

“Edna Magoma, the mother, was arrested after it was established that she had confided to an informer that she was responsible for the act after domestic differences with her husband,” police said.

According to the police, the mother said the boy was playing outside their house on Wednesday at around noon when he started complaining of stomachache before he started vomiting.

“She perceived the smell of the substance and rushed the child to Gucha District Hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival,” police said.

The scene was processed, documented and some soiled clothes with the smell of the substance were kept as exhibits by the police from Nyamarambe Police Station.

The body according to the police had no visible injuries.

It is being preserved at the Gucha District Hospital mortuary awaiting an autopsy.

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