Ni maskini! Mercy Kyallo exposes her sister for dating broke man

After making a comment on their reality show, “Kyallo Kulture,” Mercy Kyallo, the sister of media icon Betty Kyallo, has found herself in the center of a social media uproar.

The comment was made in reference to her sister Gloria’s partner, Ken, and the discourse that followed has sparked debate among fans.

In this specific instance, Gloria’s boyfriend Ken was present as the three sisters conversed openly.

Mercy didn’t think twice to ask about Gloria’s perceived “masculine energy” as that was the subject at hand.

Addressing Ken, Mercy asked, “Gloria, you have some masculine energy going on. Ken, how do you deal with her masculine energy?”

Ken’s response, characterized by a lighthearted tone, was that he lets Gloria spend time with her female friends, given her propensity to tease or “bully” other girls.

Betty chimed in, playfully mentioning that Gloria also exercises her teasing prowess on Ken himself.

“Gloria also bullies Ken,” Betty said.

The conversation took an interesting turn when Ken casually referred to Gloria as “Bro.”

“Bro, I see how you interact with your friends,” Ken told Gloria.

Betty, amidst laughter, added that once a boyfriend starts calling his partner “bro,” the relationship is likely to be on shaky ground.

In response, Mercy contributed a humorous twist, mentioning that she reserves the term ‘bro’ for people she considers “broke,” implying that if someone is referred to as ‘bro’, they must be financially lacking.

Gloria joined the exchange, humorously suggesting they should tally up the number of men Mercy has labeled as ‘bro’ in her life.

While the episode might have been intended as light-hearted banter among family members, some viewers seemed to have taken issue with the context in which Mercy’s statement was made.

Social media platforms buzzed with contrasting opinions, with one fan expressing concern about the perceived disrespect towards Ken and the tension sensed between Betty and Ken.

“The disrespect, Gloria seems annoyed. Betty seems not to like Ken.”

Mercy commented saying Ken was part of their family.

Another fan said the disrespect was too loud.

Mercy Kyallo responded:

“Hey, we haven’t said Ken is broke. Listen carefully.”

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