CONFIRMED! Willis Raburu joins TV 47 after leaving Citizen

After departing Citizen TV, TV host Willis Raburu has at last found a new place to call home.

The television network named Raburu as their newest member of a group of gifted presenters on Tuesday.

Every Friday, he will present a program called “Wabebe Xperience.”

“Welcome to the new journey… The wait is over! Announcing my partnership with TV 47 Kenya! WABEBE! #WabebeXP,” Raburu said as he made the announcement.

Raburu announced his exit from Royal Media Services (RMS) on June 26 after 13 years.

“I have made the decision to leave the Royal Media Services and it’s been a tough decision but they have been so gracious to me from the time I tendered in my resignation… It has been an amazing transition and they have shown me so much grace,” he said.


“You want to ask me what next? Well, I want to rest, I want to take a breather. Step back, look at everything, share the knowledge I have on the book and also continue with my Masters at USIU which is on Strategic Communication and also Communication Development. So for now, that remains my focus.”

In his farewell speech, he reminisced about all the significant stories he had covered and his shift into the entertainment industry to become the host of the Friday night program 10 Over 10.

He had previously held positions as a news anchor, reporter, and host of Citizen TV’s morning show.

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