Kabarak University suspends Brian Chira, Lawyer claims

Tiktoker Brian Chira Wambui has been released on Sh50,000 cash bail with the surety of the same amount.

Chira has been charged with cyber harassment. He has been charged with using his TikTok account to defamed TikTok Queen and radio host Azziad Nasenya.

He, however, denied the charges before Kibera Principal Magistrate Renee Kitagwa on Monday.

Chira was picked by detectives last week after allegedly making defamatory accusations Azziad.

Kabarak University suspends Brian Chira, Lawyer claims
Kabarak University suspends Brian Chira, Lawyer claims

Azziad Nasenya’s lawyer Getrude Kibare, while speaking to journalists after Brian Chira was granted bail, was asked if what Chira did could be forgiven.

The lawyer responded directly, stating that if Chira sincerely apologises to Azziad, then she is at liberty of accepting the apology.

She further explained that if Chira does apologize and they come to an agreement, they will proceed to inform the court about their mutual understanding as individuals.

The lawyer clarified that the court cannot oppose such an agreement since if the complainant (Azziad) is willing to withdraw the case, the court will not proceed with the prosecution if the complainant is not willing to do so.

The lawyer further revealed that Chira was arrested within Kabarak University.

“Chira was arrested in Kabarak University. When the investigating officer arrived at Kabarak, he was told by the Chief Security officer that they had already suspended Chira from the school. So they were not aware of his whereabouts. The school went ahead to look for him. He came to school where he was arrested and cleared,” the lawyer noted.

Watch the video below:

The case is to be mentioned on September 12.

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