Did Nuru Okanga actually Form One at day school? He speaks

Kenyan politician Nuru Okanga, a supporter of opposition leader Raila Odinga, claims to have been admitted to a secondary school, withholding the specific name.

Okanga cited pressing matters as the reason for his absence from the learning environment, despite ongoing KCPE results questioning.

“Today, I had to take my kids to school. That is why I didn’t go to school. I have four kids whom I’m taking care of, and I have to take them to school, that is why I’m here, but if you look for me on the following day, you won’t get me because I’ll be busy in class,” Okanga said.

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He cites his security as one of the reasons for withholding the name of the secondary school where he is presently pursuing his studies from the public.

“For security purposes, and many issues that are ongoing in Kenya Kwanza government, I will not name the school for now. If I name the school, I will be putting the life of the school principal at risk,” he said.

The media is still unable to independently verify whether he has genuinely been admitted to any high school for his Form 1 education.

He further asserts that the same rationale behind not disclosing the school where he registered to sit for his KCPE exams is the identical reason for withholding information about his current secondary school.

“When I sat for my standard eight exams, no one knew the school that I was registered at. I just did my exams, and it was all over social media, so people should just allow me to study, and when the time to sit for my KCSE comes, they will see me sitting for my exams.”

Nuru Okanga
Nuru Okanga

Okanga, who is one of the youths who dominate the political scene, says that he is a brand in his own right that people can’t stop talking about.

Recently, he garnered attention on social media by sharing a photo of himself in a school uniform, albeit with a background featuring drawings reminiscent of early childhood development (ECD) classes. Netizens criticised him for clout-chasing and disseminating misleading information.

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However, it’s worth noting that there are several adult education centers in Kenya where he could enroll, learn, and obtain a certificate.

Adult education has gained prominence, offering systematic and formal learning opportunities for individuals who missed out on basic education during their younger years.

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