“Aliniacha juu ya kusota” – DJ Slahver reveals why Nicah The Queen dumped him

Famous DJ Joseph Mwenda, better known by his stage name DJ Slahver, has spoken out after Veronica Wanja, also known as Nicah The Queen, recently revealed that they were divorcing.

The manager of DJ Slahver gave SPM Buzz some details about the reasons behind the well-publicized split, pointing to financial strains as a major contributing factor.

The manager of the gifted musician revealed that this was not the first time the couple had broken up.

“We had broken up three other times in our two years relationship.”

Despite the challenges, he emphasized that they chose to keep their previous breakups private.

“I do not feel it was the right time to announce because at the end of the day, we do not know what God has planned for tomorrow,” he stated.

Concerned about potential misinterpretations and accusations of seeking attention, he explained their decision to keep their relationship status discreet during past splits.

“When we broke up in August, even the kids did not know. They knew I had traveled and had gone to Dar-es-Salaam. We were even talking through WhatsApp,” he shared.

DJ Slahver hinted at the circumstances that led to the final serious breakup, recounting an incident involving an event meeting with popular artistes that lasted until the early hours.

The mixmaster explained that a disagreement ensued when Nicah The Queen expressed concern about a bill they had to settle.

“There was something that triggered. There was a time I was with Arrow Bwoy and Nadia for an event meeting, and we stayed up until around 2 am. Nicah called me, asked if I was getting home, and said she wanted to sleep. We were so happy.

“The following morning, we had a bill, and she could not sleep, so I told her, babe, it’s better to sleep, and we will wake up in the morning and figure out where we will get the money. That is what triggered it. And she said, ‘I feel like everyone should go back to their place and everyone to hustle separately’,” DJ Slahver explained.

DJ Slahver added that Nicah had introduced him to the parents, and announcing they had broken up was not right as there was a possibility they would reconcile.

The DJ’s revelation comes amidst Nicah The Queen’s candid disclosure about maintaining celibacy for two years despite being in a relationship with DJ Slahver.

She had previously shared their plans for a wedding this year, already in the early stages of preparation.

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