“Nataka Kunyonywa” – Embarambamba releases new gospel song, Kenyans react (VIDEO)

Chris Embarambamba, a controversial gospel musician, has stirred an online uproar with his latest song’Nataka Kunyonywa.’

The Kisii Gospel singer has sparked a major internet backlash, with many netizens now advocating for his cancellation.

Embarambamba expresses a longing to be “licked” by God in the song.

The lyrics of the song include words such, “I want to be licked… I want God to lick both sides of me because I need to be licked. Who is going to lick me? God is everything, and He will lick away all of your sins.”

The publication of this new song has elicited a wide spectrum of emotions from netizens, with some accusing him of blasphemy.

Some find amusement in the song’s unusual lyrics, resulting in shared laughing, while others are deeply disappointed in Embarambamba’s performance.

Here are some comments:

“Quite embarrassing. The churches that give him audience to perform should have been shut down a long time ago even before the Shakaholic ministries and their pastors banished from ministry.If this kind of irreverence happened within the other Abrahamic religions,the punishment would have been unimaginable. I wish there was a way to compel artists to seek approval from a regulatory authority before releasing any song or video to the market.”

“He is a content creator and not a gospel musician. He should be called out for using God’s name in vain.”

“This is just immorality. It’s not gospel and I expect gospel artists to protest for the song to be classified as secular and the name God removed.”

“The guy is in business. He knows the kind of product which sales and spreads like wild fires 🔥.”

Embarambamba has been the center of ridicule from a majority of the online community, some even saying he is an embarrassment to his Kisii community.

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