Singer Vivianne shows off grown daughter as she turns 13

Kenyan singer Vivianne is a proud mother as her teen daughter turns 13 today.

After splitting up with her baby daddy, the Chum Chum hitmaker has been raising her kid on her own.

She viewed her daughter as a gift of love.

“I thought by the time my daughter turned 13 we’d have figured everything out. I’d be on a yacht sipping champagne and she’d be learning super life skills depending on her interests.These desires are still fully valid.

When her dad and I had her we were young but smart and hardworking. This one is a child of love. Wherever we go she steals hearts and compliments are poured to her.

And God chose me to be her mum ! But don’t be mistaken she breaks out in dance randomly, gives me the side eye often and sarcasm is her go to but she’s exactly who she needs to be. Thought I’d introduce her to you guys.. say hi to Nat #takebackyourpower”

Vivianne who recently parted ways with her bae Sam West had been under pressure to get other kids but she did not.

In a past interview with Massawe Japanni, her now ex had shared

“I came with a child from a previous relationship so did she. Everyone keeps asking us to get a child of our own. There is pressure from our family, friends and society as a whole.

People tend to think that when you bring another child he/she will bring unity to the relationship.”

The truth of the matter is that the union of a relationship depends on whether the couple wants to be together or not. A child cannot be the reason a couple is together, it only helps strengthen a union.”

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