Mungai Eve’s boyfriend reveals Trevor their wedding plans

Mungai Eve’s partner, known as Trevor in the entertainment industry, has hinted at the possibility of marrying the prominent content creator.

Trevor revealed his excitement about saying “I do” to his beloved Eve in response to questions posed by his followers during a Q&A session on his Instagram stories.

When asked, “When are you marrying Eve?”

Trevor replied:

“Eve and I are deeply committed to each other and our relationship. We believe in taking the time to establish a solid foundation for our partnership and ensuring that we are fully prepared for the next chapter. While we don’t have a specific wedding date set, we are genuinely excited about our future together.”

He further explained that they will share their wedding plans when the timing feels right for them, adding:

“We appreciate your support and understanding as we continue to grow and navigate our journey together.”

In a recent interview with Nairobi News, Mungai Eve, shared her vision for her perfect wedding.

Even said her dream wedding will not only be a private and luxurious affair but also possibly take place outside Kenya.

A lover of celebrations centered around love, she envisioned a wedding that’s intimate, involving only those who hold a special place in their hearts and have been supportive of their journey.

“I love weddings, gender reveals, proposals, and occasions that revolve around love. So, my dream wedding should not have a lot of people. Only those close to my heart and those who have been supportive. For location, I would want it to be outside Kenya. I dream of a luxurious wedding,” she said.

The celebrity couple has been together since 2019, and Mungai Eve credits Director Trevor for his patience and influence on her temperament.

“He is very patient with me since I am very outspoken and sometimes you will find me speaking my mind anywhere. He has taught me how to be very patient. I used to be very temperamental but Trevor has really helped me to be composed.”

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