Drama as Kamene Goro storms out of show after finding out hubby still loves his ex

During their weekly podcast with Oga Obinna, media personality Kamene Goro unexpectedly stormed out on DJ Bonez.

In a video posted on August 1, the event occurred amid a conversation about whether it is appropriate to retain touch with ex-partners.

Kamene expressed her worries instantly, claiming that her husband, DJ Bonez, was still in contact with his ex-girlfriend and that their relationship appeared pleasant owing to his sympathetic attitude.

“They are amicable which I don’t like,” Kamene said.

The tension escalated when Bonez posed a hypothetical scenario to Obinna, questioning whether he would refuse assistance if his ex-partner asked for a favour.

“Mtu akikuuliza msaada, na si pesa ama nini, amekuambia tu nataka connection ya mtu fulani utakataa kumconnect?” Bonez questioned.

Curiosity getting the better of her, she glanced at the conversation and almost recognized the name.

“We were in a meeting tumekaa hivi, kila mtu ako kwa simu yake. Naona ako kwa dm. nikachungulia nikaona tu and suspected I knew that name. After one and a half hours nikamuuliza jina ya ex wake ni, akaniambia. That’s when I stopped talking that night,” she said.

Hours later, Kamene mustered the courage to confront her husband and asked him his ex-girlfriend’s name. Bonez’ confirmation brought a brewing tension as Kamene stopped talking to him that night.

The next day, during their podcast, Kamene raised the issue with DJ Bonez. Through a text message, she addressed Bonez’s connection with his ex, and questioned why he was still in contact with her.

“Sasa nikangoja the following day. Tulikuwa tunafanya show na wewe, nikamtext nikamuuliza,” she said.

As the conversation grew more intense, Kamene labelled DJ Bonez’s ex as a ‘psycho,’ something that did not sit well with him.

Bonez staunchly defended his ex, denying Kamene’s claims of any negative attributes. This defence only fueled Kamene’s frustration.

Unable to contain her emotions any longer, Kamene left the podcast, sending a strong message of dissatisfaction with DJ Bonez’s defence of his ex.

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