SHOCK as Pastor Kiengei directs congregants to pay KSh 300 monthly contribution to his church

Many have been perplexed by Jesus Compassion Ministries (JCM) founder Muthee Kiengei’s conditions for Kenyans to join his church.

After serving in the Independent Pentecostal Church of Africa from around 2020, when he was ordained as a pastor, Kiengei founded the JCM church Kiengei in February.

He was questioned about if he relocated to increase his income, but he denied this.

“I want to be a bishop not to benefit myself but to serve a larger service area. I have never eaten tithe for the past two years. We use eight cars daily, and the one with less fuel spends KSh 3,000. All my team members are paid. Every Sunday, I spent KSh 60,000 to serve my God. It is good to speak the truth and say the church has never funded me for that,” he said.

Hinging on his popularity and substantial social media following, Kiengei’s first mass was a success.

Months down the line, the church is often packed full of congregants, and he seemingly wants to make the best of it.

A video shared from a service on Sunday, August 27, depicted Kiengei preaching in a red suit while spelling out the requirements church members must meet.

“We have cards going for KSh 6,000 and KSh 5,000. Even if you watch our services online, you must have this card as a JCM member so we can have your data. Our computers are here, and our system is being configured.”

Kiengei then pointed out that congregants will have to part with KSh 300 monthly for their membership.

“Every month, we will check whether you paid the money. That money enabled us to develop this church to the current state.”

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