“You are cute, young, rich, and famous” – Diamond defends Zuchu from trolls

In the middle of criticism, singer Diamond Platnumz has wrote a unique letter to his partner Zuchu.

Zuchu has been on the receiving end for the past few weeks as a result of the abuses Diamond’s detractors have hurled at her.

Social commentator Mwijaku and Tanzanian blogger Mange Kimambi, who lives in the US, have been berating Zuchu with expletives, leading Diamond to step in.

Chibu Dangote pleaded with Zuchu in his message not to reply to those who are constantly disparaging and hating on her.

He promised to deal with everyone who was causing his signee-turned-girlfriend sleepless nights.

As if that were not enough, Platnumz lavished Zuchu with compliments, reminding her of her fame, fame, and the right to spend any time she pleased.

“You are cute, young, sexy, Rich, and famous. Mwenye kupenda na watu hadi serikali. Hawa wazee wasamehe bure tu, ujana wao waliuchezea hivyo njia pekee ya wao kupata walau chakula kwa sasa ni kupitia kuwachafua wengine ka uongo,” Diamond sahared.

“Hawa niachie mimi niendelee kudeal nao kwa maendeleo. Wewe jukumu lako ni kuenjoy kama malkia, kuimba na kula good time yani kiufupi kutumia hela za Diamond Usjiskiavyo,”.

The message comes at a time when the Honey hitmaker had also vowed to deal with her attackers- threatening to take legal action against Mwijaku who attacked her mother.

She also fired back at blogger Mange Kimambi saying that she doesn’t fear her and is always ready to tackle her lies.

“Mwijaku don’t try to be humble here, you touched a live wife when you insulted her. She is like my God here on earth and I will do everything within my power to make sure you serve as an example to others.

You are not picking up my calls but I know you have got the message,” Zuchu warned.

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