Niko soko! Blessing Lung’aho finally addresses Jackie Matubia’s rants

Actress Jackie Matubia admitted that she has never met Mr. Right, and actor Blessing Lung’aho has finally addressed her in funny post.

Fans mistakenly believed that the celebrity couple had broken their links and was no longer together because the two had been going through an odd time in their relationship.

While Jackie bombarded the internet with cryptic comments and repaired her relationship with her other baby daddy, Blessing had kept quiet, but it now seems like he’s ready to play.

He said that he has a woman in his life and is extremely hopeful that she would be the one to tie him down in a post on his Facebook. He is a father of two.

On the other hand, his caption generated considerable discussion.

On the event that he is encountered on the streets, Blessing advised followers to address him as Mr. Right.

“Hivi ndo nakunywa kahawa hii mtaa. Maua mkononi na smile usoni, hata wewe ukipatana na Mimi kwa streets unawezaniita #MrRight. Sasa, kuna mwenye amewacha lipstick kwa kikombe yangu, ni kama atanitoa soko 😂” the actor’s caption read.

(“This is how I drink coffee over here. With a rose in hand and a smile on my face, when you meet with me in the streets you can call me Mr Right.

Now guys there’s someone who’s left lipstick on my cup and it seems they’re the one to finally get me off the market.”)

His post comes shortly after Jackie hinted she was single and ready to fall in love as she has never experienced the fairy tale kind of union.

Yesterday evening, Jackie went on to lament on how she had met men who used her, cheated on her, and were lazy but never Mr Right.

“I have already met Mr player, Mr stupid, Mr idiot, Mr psycho, Mr cheap, Mr lazy, Mr user, Mr know it all, Mr control freak and Mr stalker. Where the hell is Mr Right?” Matubia’s post on her Instagram stories read.

Coincidentally, her post came on the weekend that she had celebrated her older daughter’s birthday party with family and friends.

In their usual fashion, Blessing who proposed to the actress in 2022 but hasn’t been seen with her for some time now, was missing from the event.

In a recent interview, Jackie hinted she wasn’t to blame in the fallout.

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