Kumbe! Azziad Nasenya addresses claims she has a sponsor

Azziad Nasenya has denied that her extravagant lifestyle is paid for by a sponsor.

Azziad spoke candidly with Phil Director about her dedication to hard work, tenacity, and the joy of earning her achievement via her own efforts.

TikToker denied any affiliation with sponsors or dating one.

She inquired, jokingly, where individuals locate sponsors, indicating her interest in obtaining one.

“By the way, where do people get those sponsors from? You know me, I hear people say oh, sponsor. Where are those sponsors? I’ve never. Could you people give me one?” Azziad said.

When asked about the reason behind her hardworking and resilient nature, the 23-year-old TikToker said her satisfaction in earning money through her own sweat and dedication.

Azziad believes self-reliance is key to achieving genuine success and acknowledges that she prefers to avoid putting herself in a position where she would have to beg for support.

“Because there’s satisfaction in getting money from your sweat. Oh, I sleep well knowing that I’ve worked for it. It’s mine. No one gave it to me. I am the kind of person who is scared to beg. So I never put myself in that position. I go out there to get what I want, so I put in the hard work and effort,” Azziad expressed.

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