“Mwenye boma amerudi!” – Kakamega woman chases away boyfriend as husband returns home after 17 years

Residents of Lurambi, Kakamega County, are in shock after the return of a man who has been missing for 17 years.

Residents of Emukoyani, in the Butsotso district, joined in the song and dance when Boniface Moi Muyeshi, 42, appeared without warning.

“He left home for Nairobi back in 2006. He left his family behind never to be seen again,” a resident told Citizen Digital.

A prayer session preceded a cleansing ceremony and the prodigal son was then reunited with his kin.

His joy was however short lived after he was informed that his wife has had a child with another man.

“We suspected that he had died during the 2007/2008 post election skirmishes,” his relative Fredrick Witumbele said.

The family welcomed their son in traditional fashion, slaughtering a ram in the process.

Muyeshi’s wife Agripina Mulupi however said, she has had it rough raising their three children.

“I settled down with someone else as I was not able to raise these children on my own,” Agripina added.

She however said following her husband’s return, she would love to turn over a new leaf.

“I had to send my current lover away as the man of the house had made a return. We will make plans on how to co-parent,” she added.

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