Boda boda rider lynched for having illicit love affair with pastor’s wife

A 38-year-old boda boda rider was killed in Kumbatha village, Suba South constituency, over an alleged love affair with the wife of a local cleric.

According to village chief Andrew Ombisa, the deceased had been seeing the priest’s wife for some time.

When the priest went to pray, it is thought that the deceased went into his home and slept with his wife.

According to the chief, the dead was caught in the act with his wife last Sunday when the priest unexpectedly returned home.

“The pastor made distress calls to some neighbours who alerted others. They came and lynched the boda boda operator,” Ombisa said.

According to a witness, after the pastor raised the alarm, the man was encircled in the house by enraged townspeople.

“The villagers pounced on him with crude weapons, to which he succumbed,” the witness said.

The boda boda guy was killed within the priest’s premises, according to Chief Ombisa, and then his body was placed close to the fence of Kumbatha Primary School.

The incident has been reported to the Magunga police station for additional inquiry. Sebastian Okiring, the DCC for Suba, stated that they are looking for potential mob justice suspects.

Additionally, he requested information from the locals who are aware of the pastor’s and his wife’s whereabouts.

“The priest, wife and children have fled home after the murder incident. We’re looking for them,” the administrator said.

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