Akothee reveals the real reasons for divorcing Omosh weeks after wedding

Akothee, a popular Kenyan singer and entrepreneur, has spoken up about her divorce from her husband, Denis Schweizer ‘Omosh.’

Their divorce came just two months after their opulent wedding. Akothee addressed her relationship status in a live session on October 31, 2023, underlining her choice to leave the marriage.

Akothee began the talk by accepting that she and her audience, like herself, had moved on from her romantic life.

She stated unequivocally that her marriage had ended. Despite the divorce, she stated that she had a wonderful time during her wedding and had no regrets.

She planned her wedding to coincide with her birthday, guaranteeing that she would celebrate in magnificent manner regardless of the outcome.

“I believe most of you have moved on from my relationship life, just like I have moved on from it. It does not exist anymore. I really did enjoy my marriage, my wedding. I dont regret anything.

“And as a matter of fact, I had my wedding on my birthday so just in case things went otherwise, I celebrated my birthday in a big way,” she said.

The singer revealed that she walked out of the relationship in June because it was no longer a functional relationship.

Akothee is known for not forcing issues in her relationships. She explained that when something isn’t working for her, she prefers to end it.

She elaborated that she often walks out of relationships while still in them, making decisions based on her emotions at the time.

“I walked out of that relationship back in June. We had to pack our bags out of that relationship because it was not a relationship. I’m one person who doesn’t force issues. When it is not working for me, it is not just working” she said.

The mother of five shared that during her honeymoon, she discovered certain things that she couldn’t ignore or continue living with.

It was during this time that issues in the relationship became evident. In July, Denis Omosh asked if she would leave him, to which she responded that she had already left.

She emphasised that she wouldn’t apologise for the relationship not working and stated that while it may have worked for a few days, it ultimately fell apart.

“I normally walk out of my relationships when am still in the relationship. When I was on honeymoon I found out some things that I could not keep up with. In July he asked me if I would leave him, but I told him, no baby, I love you but I already left.

“I will not apologise for anything if the relationship did not work. If you thought it was working, It worked for a few days,” she said.

The separation took an emotional toll on Akothee. She described June as a difficult month, followed by a heavier July.

However, by August, she had already begun the healing process. Akothee reflected on her decisions, explaining that they were made based on her emotions at the time.

“It was hurting. June was difficult, July was a bit heavy, and I had already started healing in August. I make decisions based on emotions at that particular moment, based on how I feel. I was in love baby. And I found a perfect match, why not walk down the aisle? Am not leaving the market soon,” she said.

Akothee expressed deep respect for Denis Omosh and acknowledged that he provided her with what she needed at that time. She also appreciated the dream wedding she had, even though the marriage wasn’t meant to be.

“I respect Denis Omosh, he gave me what I needed then. I enjoyed everything, I did the wedding of my dream, but it was not meant to be,” she said.

The businesswoman shared more about Omosh’s background, revealing that he hails from Switzerland and has visited Kenya multiple times.

Omosh’s personal history came into focus as Akothee described him as a Swiss national. He had visited Kenya three times in 2019 and two times in 2022.

“Kijana mwenyewe ni Mswiss. He came to Kenya three times in 2019 and two times in 2022. I met him back in July in Switzerland. He was born and raised in Swiss. He comes from a dysfunctional family of five,” she said.

Akothee shared that Omosh came from a dysfunctional family of five and was the second-born. She had the opportunity to meet his mother in Italy and received a warm welcome.

“He is the second born. I met the mother in Italy, I was introduced and she was happy to see me. The energy I derive from failed relationships is that I learn a lot. If you’re hurting, then get well soon. Deal with your emotions. I’m going through a divorce right now. We are moving on to the next,” she said.

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