Angry Vera Sidika blasts baby daddy for not attending daughter’s birthday

Vera Sidika has finally responded to admirers who questioned her about the father of her children, Brown Mauzo, not attending their firstborn daughter’s (together) birthday.

The socialite has stated that she did invite him to the birthday party, but he did not attend.

She stated on her Instagram stories that she had even arranged some additional time for them to enjoy their father-daughter moment, but it all came to naught.

She went on to say that she understands how vital it is for the daughter to spend quality time with her father.

Vera says that she can’t force or carry him to attend his own daughter’s birthday.

The queen doesn’t stop there, she continues to express how frustrated she was when Brown Mauzo revealed their second Born’s child, Ice brown face while she had planned a luxurious reveal party for him.

She was so lenient to him and chose to invite him to Asia’s birthday as she was celebrating her 2-year birthday.

She clearly shows how annoyed she is after Kenyans made it seem like she was the bad guy.

In her Instagram stories she wrote;

“I invited him to his daughter’s bday just so it could be memorable for her special day. I stay huko, they have their moments. he did not want to show up and said it wouldn’t be a good idea to be at her birthday party.

How is any of that my fault??? am I to carry him with a crane, force him to attend his daughter’s bday? hell no

I need y’all to understand as much as face reveal party plans that I had paid for were ruined days before Asia’s bday.

I was still the biggest person to even invite him to Asia’s birthday. Most people wouldn’t. All I care about is my baby’s happiness. I am not a selfish mother. But you can’t force a person to reason.

A Bday is not an ordinary day it’s a special day to celebrate your child. I would never miss it for the world. I rushed back from America so I couldn’t miss my daughter’s bday. But not everyone sees the importance.

I was honestly minding my business but so many comments acting like I am the bad guy.”

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