“Vienyeji wanajua kuheshimu ndoa” – Simple Boy on why he’ll never marry Nairobi woman

The Gengetone singer Ngesh has been revealed as the second wife of Kenyan musician Stevo Simple Boy, who has expressed his wish to wed her.

Ngesh explicitly warned him that she was not interested in any of his amorous advances, yet this still happened.

On August 14, Stevo Simple Boy gave a media interview and outlined the reasons Ngesh must be his bride.

He admired Ngesh’s beauty and said he wanted to spend time with her to see whether they clicked.

“Ngesh is a beautiful girl, naturally blessed. I’d like her to come and talk to me so we can see if we can get along,” he stated.

Answering the question of whether he wished to have multiple wives, the ‘Mihadarati’ hitmaker pointed out that there exists a gender imbalance in the country’s demographics.

“Sahi kuna wanaume wengi wanamtaka lakini kuna wale pia wanakuja kudandia umaarufu wake kisha wamuachilie,” he said.

Stevo emphasised his preference for low-maintenance women, commonly referred to as ‘kienyeji’. He praised these women for their respect for marriage and their partners.

“Mimi sijapenda madem wa Nairobi, wa ushago – vienyeji. Unajua vienyeji wanajua kuheshimu ndoa.Wanajua kuheshimu mwanaume.

“Lakini wa Nairobi saa ngapi apake makeup, saa ngapi apikie wanaume unaona. Haimake sense, ” Simple Boy said.

According to the singer, his wife Grace is very understanding of the situation and has allowed him to pursue Ngesh.

“Mke wangu ako sawa. Mke wangu pia ananielewa. Lazima uangalie kivutio, kuchovyachovya,” he said.

Stevo acknowledged that there are challenges of dating in the spotlight. He cautioned Ngesh that some men might be drawn to her solely because of her newfound fame.

He shed light on the reality that fame could attract both genuine affection and opportunistic intentions.

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