Pole sana! Comedian Crazy Kennar loses his newborn baby

Kenyan cartel of content Kennedy Odhiambo, better known as Crazy Kennar, is grieving the loss of his infant son.

Crazy Kennar broke the heartbreaking news to his fans during the joyful country concert.

He disclosed that he lost the baby four days ago and that juggling the show’s production with his grief has been difficult.

Speaking to the crowd, he stressed the need of keeping an eye on one another because, despite their happy appearances on social media or even in public, people often have different issues going on.

“Unfortunately my son died four days ago. It has been a very tough journey for me. We had to go through that and at the same time make the show.

So my word as happy citizens is that whenever you see somebody walking while smiling, go and ask them if they are okay or not. Let’s be our brothers and sisters keepers let’s love one another.”

As a committed advocate for mental health, the comedian has demonstrated unwavering commitment to elevating mental health and ending youth depression. ‘Happy Country’ has been his tool for fostering mental well-being.

Considering that they were childhood friends, Crazy Kennar and Natalie Asewe have been together for a long time.

Warm regards to Kennar and Natalie, and may the youthful spirit find eternal peace.

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