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You’ll pay Sh 50 million to see Eric Omondi’s daughter’s face

Comedian Eric Omondi’s girlfriend Lynne will give birth to a girl in the next weeks, but he also stated that there are a number of requirements that must be satisfied before anyone may see her face.

Omondi claimed that someone would have to pay him Sh 50 million to reveal the face of his son. He had a party a week prior to reveal the name of his daughter.

“Seeing the face of my child will be a lot of money. In order for me to reveal the face of my child, I will need to be given 50 million shillings. Whoever gives me that money, even if it is a newspaper, you will see it there. My child’s face is very difficult to see,” he said.

When asked why 50 million shillings, Omondi said; “I have seen that we should make the price cheaper due to economic difficulties.

If we set a normal price it will not be good, we have set the lowest price. If you’re out there, you’re a newspaper, I don’t know what, I’ll sell you a child’s face, you show each other what you want.”

Because it is solely a matter of choice and not coercion, the artist claimed that this is not a means of misleading people.

“I pay that amount because she is a special child. Don’t forget she belongs to Eric Omondi, and by that criteria alone, 50 million is about it. She is very beautiful, I saw her yesterday for a scan. Already when she is being scanned, I can only see her smiling.”

Eric’s new condition runs counter to what he expressed about his daughter a few days earlier.

Omondi had earlier stated that after his daughter is born, he will create an online account for her and upload pictures of her to it.



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