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Kalenjin man confesses undying love for Betty Kyallo: “I’ll make your world big”

Betty Kyallo rejected the relentlessly pursued romantic approaches of one Korir Png’eno Lennie.

Korir was troubled that Betty wasn’t showing him the same amount of love that he did in return.

He wrote a sort of “protest” love letter to Betty on social media to vent his anger with the media celebrity.

Korir bemoaned that despite being unflinchingly honest about his goals, Betty the mother of one appeared bothered by his love desire for her in a Facebook comment.

“Dear Betty, Don’t think I’m saying this lightly, I’m burning inside. You already noticed that I like you and I want you to be my girlfriend but you seem to be unbothered. Everybody knows that I’m determined to make your world big. Let’s settle this today. Do you love me not…” Korir wrote.

In a quick rejoinder, Betty indicated that she was flattered by Korir’s blunt audacity but nevertheless wondered by his message sounded more like a threat.

The mother of one daughter told her suitor that her love request had been rejected.

“Korir Png’eno Lennie weeeeuh. This is a first. Why does this love sound aggressive? Isn’t love supposed to be gentle and kind? Nimekuogoba so I’ll just pass,” Betty Kyallo responded.



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