“Ota moto kama ni baridi” – Ruth K issues stern warning to Mulamwah’s baby mama over plans to reconcile

The ‘best friend’ of comedian Mulamwah, Ruth K, has commented on his baby mother’s plans to reconcile with her ex.

Carol Muthoni said that she had considered contacting an ex, though she did not specify whether Mulamwah or another male was the ex in question.

Ruth expressed her displeasure with this via Instagram stories, writing:

“Watu waote moto kama baridi ni noma. Mambo ya kupigia ma ex sahau bestie hataki mambo mingi.”

Ruth and Mulamwah have been impressing their fans online with their cute dances to samba music in very energetic ways in the village.

Her adaptation to village life makes her a favorite of his fans because she appears comfortable. Mulamwah has often said he is not a spendthrift and even lives in a cheap house.

ruth k tells off mulamwah baby mama

This past Sunday was not any different as they danced vigorously. “Kadance kiasi , God has been so nice . Blessed sunday our people , baraka tele ♥️♥️♥️ , bestie anazikwenda sio mchezo 🤣😂 @atruthk,” he captioned.

Check out some comments from fans below;

diana_sikalo “This is mulamwas match for real”

justuswaweruoffical “Finally you met someone who matches your craziness 🤣🤣🤣 cheers to many more 🥂”

kassafi_travelling_chauffeur “Hii couple imeanza kubamba sasa🔥”

Post his breakup with Sonnie, Mulamwah claimed in a conversation with Dr. Ofweneke that his reason for the split was that she wanted an expensive lifestyle, something he said didn’t make sense to him.

“So issue yetu ilitokea hapo where nilijaribu ku-instill sense because there are some things that ladies like and if they miss it they will get it somewhere else. There are those people born in Nairobi, sisi tumekuja by bus, so we are here to hustle, we have two-three years then we go back, so it’s important that utengeneze hiyo place umetoka,” he said.

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