Pole sana! Otile Brown announces the death of his unborn child

Otile Brown, a musician, has announced the death of his child.

This comes after Otile announced to his admirers that he will soon become a parent in a moving post.

The musician stated the problem has caused this year no longer be his favorite in a statement on his Instagram on Sunday.

“Our baby did not make it. I guess it is not my favourite year no more,” he said.

In another post, he said it was all good as all he has to do at the moment is to stay positive about the whole matter.

He said he never questions God, especially on such matters.

“It is all good. God, you never know I never ask or question you. All I do is smile and stay positive,” Otile said.

Otile had announced before about him becoming a father without revealing the details of his co-parent or the gender of the expected child.

The 30-year-old had also promised to give his unborn child all his love.

“Bizeee will soon be a pope, Inshallah. I will love you so much baby Inshaallah,” Otile said.

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