“Nimemsaidia Stivo kupata kazi at Safaricom” – Eric Omondi says music is not helping him

Stivo Simple Boy should make music for enjoyment, according to Eric Omondi, as he is unable to support himself as a professional musician.

The comedian disclosed that he and his buddies were raising money to help the rapper weather the current economic storm.

“Tunamfanyia fundraising pale online I have called a few of my friends tucollect at least 600k,” Eric Omondi said while speaking to Mungai Eve.

The comedian added that they plan to pay Stivo’s rent for at least eight months, provide him with shopping to last him six months and pay for him to record at least three songs.

“We want to provide a solution that is lasting once and for all ju Stivo amekua na hii vicious circle anapata manager anamwagusha anakuja kulia nini so we want to pay for him rent for at least eight months, tumfanyie shopping ya at least six months, tumlipie studio ya at least three songs alafu tumgetie job, a day job 8 to 5,” Eric said.

Eric Omondi additionally disclosed that he had already secured Stivo a job at Safaricom that pays Ksh65,000 a month.

“Kuna job moja tushapata ya 65k, a normal job hapo Safaricom. A normal job tu anaamka asubui anaenda job jioni anaenda studio,” he said.

Asked how he managed to secure Stivo the lucrative job at Safaricom given that the rapper is an academic dwarf, Eric said the telco has many casual jobs that pay well.

“Kuna jobs anyone can do. Ukienda kama Safaricom, it’s so big. Unajua kuna watu wanafanyanga casual, kuna watu wanafanya professional work. Kila mtu anaweza fanya kitu,” Eric explained.

Stivo in an interview in June 2022 revealed that he did not go beyond primary school. The rapper admitted that he was a slow learner and struggled in school.

He studied in Homa Bay county from nursery to class seven and sat for the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) examination in Kibera, Nairobi.

“Nlikua ule mtoto special. Kuna wale watu ambaye hawashiki vitu haraka, nlikua mmoja wao. Nlisoma nursery mbaka class 7 nkarudi Nairobi nkafanya darasa la nane,” he said.

The rapper didn’t join high school to pursue secondary education after he sat for KCPE. He started doing menial jobs to survive in the Kibera slums.

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