Ndovu Kuu: I paid her rent, but she still cheated on me

Christopher Thande Githara aka Ndovu Kuu has some significant challenges to address that could put him in the sights of KU girls.

People who live near Thika Road are primarily the ones who listen to the singers’ heartbreak songs.

According to Ndovu Kuu, his songs are inspired by his time dating on campus, where the infamous antics of the campus girls broke his heart.

Gatwiri, a content producer, joined Ndovu Kuu and discussed what girls do on campus for rent while claiming to have gone to the same college as Ndovu Kuu.

Ndovu Kuu admitted that he was a significant attraction for a girl in a troubled relationship in the Wicked Edition with Dr. Kingori.

Since they had been dating before to attending Campus, Ndovu Kuu opened up about his heartbreak with the woman he had imagined as his future bride. His self-assurance was dashed.

“Nilioshwa dame na hakuwa na pesa. Ilinishangza ilikuwa kidogo ni intercept. I was even sending her upkeep, saa sijui nilikuwa na simp nini.” he regretted his choice.

He has been carrying that hurt over time. “Nikaitoa kwa mziki. alikuwa dame mtrue sana. Tukienda campo I was telling myself I have a future wife, just let her finish school. Nikafanyiwa ile kitu after two weeks.”

He was paying her rent in Campus “Nilikuwa nimemlipia rent hapo inje si sponyo tulikuwa agemates ni vile sasa yani shue ikakuwa ni io. Bro akili iko invested, this is my life huyu ni my better half, kumbe…”

Ndovu Kuu
Ndovu Kuu

He vowed never to date a Campus girl ever again.

“Once bitten twice shy no go zone,” he shared.

Kingori urged Ndovu Kuu and Gatwiri to create awareness to change perception.

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