Alinikosea! Jackie Matubia now blames Blessing Lung’aho for their breakup

Celebrity actress Jackie Matubia has acknowledged that her relationship with her baby’s father, Blessing Lung’aho, is strained.

The actress revealed that she and the actor had not spoken for some months in an interview with Ankali Ray.

The mother of two implied that Blessing had done her wrong and that she would reveal all of the details on her YouTube channel.

“Very soon, I will be doing a YouTube video ni muda tu nimekosa. I will make my video. I don’t think I have any explanation to give to anyone any mistakes that I make are mine so I deal with them.”

“Things happen… mimi nakaa kukosea? Mimi? Watu wenye wamekosewa hawanyamazangi wenye wamekosea ndio huwa kimya…. mapenzi si mchezo… tumeongea kitambo sana.”

Fans noticed the actress had removed the actors’ photographs from her living room a few months ago.

Blessing proposed to Jackie in April during his birthday party. Blessing refuted with the rumor that he met his fiancé Jackie on the set of Zora since they both had roles in the show.

The two had been dating for a while since Jackie was working at Switch TV a few years ago.

They met when Blessing was invited as a guest to the station for a chat show that Jackie was hosting.

“She use to host the Chatspot show on Switch TV. That is where we met three years ago. We started talking and then God did his thing.

We both landed roles on Zora when we were dating and it’s just a job like any other with its rules, so we did what we had to do,” Blessing remarked.

Jackie and Blessing have one daughter together.

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