“My wife suffocates me so much, I am tired!”

Concerned husband: My wife suffocates me so much! She walks in on me even when I am in the washroom. From my bag to my wardrobe to anything that belongs to me, she always looks around. I would have understood her actions had she suspected me of cheating on her.

But when I asked her, she started laughing that it was nothing like that. I don’t know any other way of dealing with this.

If I tell her directly, she may take offense. I never open her handbag or walk in on her when she is showering or using the washroom. Please help because this is getting too much.

Our Expert advice:

The ideal relationship is a relationship where you are not forced to lose your individuality, nor asked to construct your personality in such a way that would be easy-going for the other one.

Under a single roof, you have to respect each other for your own good and prosper together to make your bond stronger.

Nobody wants their personal space to be disturbed. However, you are in a relationship right now. Your wife is not just a part of your life, she is your lifestyle.

Her presence is inevitable, that is what marriage signifies in Indian society. However, if your personal space is invaded and you do not appreciate it at all, it’s time to confront this thing with your wife.

Make her understand that every individual is brought up with certain values and constructs. So any kind of breach of privacy is quite uncomforting.

Yes, she is your wife, she has the right to be there. But not by making you uncomfortable. We hope she understands this simple thing, without concocting it with extra spice.

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