Sipendi Makanga! Choosy woman refuses to greet man who works as tout on a dating show

Diana Marua, a popular influencer, has called out a female candidate for refusing to greet a man who works as a tout on a dating show.

Diana co-hosts the Mr. Right show on Star Times with comic Dr. Ofweneke, and the incident caught her off guard; she was clearly distressed at one point.

The episode began with the tall young man walking around and welcoming the ladies, but two of them declined to offer their hands to him.

“Who raised you? Simple courtesy to just say hallo…but now ni madharau ya pita uendee…who raised you?” she posed.

“I don’t like such people touching me…not in a bad way, but singetaka ata aniguze,” said the contestant in her defense.

The first episode of ‘Hello Mr Right’, the dating reality show on StarTimes, premiered a few months ago.

The show features single ladies and three single guys looking for their perfect match and a chance to win prizes.

The female contestants experience love at first sight as they meet different men who try to impress them.

However, not all matches are mutual, as some are rejected by their chosen ladies or vice versa.

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