“I’m not here to please you” – Embarambamba tells off Kenyans criticizing his outfit

Musician Christopher Nyangwara aka Embarambamba is best known for his dramatic performances. His daring public antics normally become the talk of the town.

Unlike previous appearances, where he appeared in smart suits before leaping into filthy pools or rolling around in the dirt, this time the artist chose to flaunt his long legs and small waist.

The gospel singer made news on most social media platforms after stepping out in a tiny nude skirt and a woman’s top, as shown in a video that went viral online.

Embarambamba’s choice of attire has now forced him to hop from one interview to another justifying himself and gaining the attention he was aiming for because he has mastered the art of drawing attention with online antics.

The gospel performer admitted in a recent interview that he was aware that some people could judge him for dressing like a woman.

Embarambamba continued, “However, since I personally selected the attire for myself, I will not let any unfavorable criticism get to me.”


The performer insisted that the clothing increased his self-esteem and provided him with both comfort and confidence.

“I’m not here to please everyone, I’m just here to be myself,” Embarambamba said while addressing his controversial outfit.

Addressing those claiming he may have used the stunt to come out of the closet, Embarambamba made it known he is not a crossdresser nor is he changing his sexuality.

“I’m not going to change for anyone. I’m just going to be me,” he said.

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