Umekuwa State House Juzi? Njugush under fire for hitting out at Kenyans over current leaders

Kenyan comedian Njugush is under fire after he urged Kenyans to think carefully while choosing their leaders in the future on social media.

The comedian made a clever social media post in which he made the suggestion that voters put their minds on the voting checklist.

Normalise kuweka akili kwa check list ya kuchagua your leaders please…nasio lazima akili ya vitabu ata….sana sana ya mzalile aki.”

His sentiment comes at a time when Kenyans have been complaining about the high cost of living. The tweet has elicited mixed reactions and this are some of them.

“Njugush is a great comedian who uses satirical comedy to pass political message to his followers, but you have be well versed with literally devices to get the message, Njugush isn’t an ordinary comedian.”

Here are some of the tweets from KOT:

@DawaYaMoto: Mnacheka na wao then come to complain about them??? Jiwekee deep fakes. If you hang out with thieves don’t go round bad mouthing them, it makes you look spineless. Hauna msimamo.

@koom_e: Njugush alienda statehouse kuwachekesha. After personal benefits he’s now questioning the intellect of millions of citizens.

@Aadozo: Sorry to say this Njugush but we don’t need advice from someone who was laughing with the man torturing Kenya just the other day

@SteeNyamu: Funny guy!! Don’t forget this when you are called to State House sawa sawa? Juu the last time you were there it was like you left yours at the gate.

@KithekaDon: Literally Njugush is laughing at Kenya’s desperation forgetting the same leaders we elected humpback kazi kukiwa na event at Statehouse and state function. Son of butch that one…ungrateful lot.

@Mutuabrian: Unpopular opinion: Njugush is better than 99% of his critics. Unlike him who calls out social injustices online, most of you mkipewa chance ya kumeet president, leave alone kumchekesha or kumwambia ukweli , you’ll start begging for photos.

@antonyweswa: Comedian Njugush and other online content creators were smiling during the Talanta Hela launch initiative at State House. Why are they lecturing Kenyans now on the leaders they elected? Njugush should keep quiet and take some energy drinks.

@AlinurMohamed: No one elected Njugush to represent them in government. Why are you imposing representative roles on him? Those complaining are the same people who voted for the current government. Blame yourselves, not Njugush.

@alex_ngaira: Artists in this country are always ready to lecture us on how we vote but mkialikwa Statehouse kukula mandazi ya 8 million per day, hapo mnaenda sherehe … Mouths closed, tails wagging, selfies with the president. Mkitoka huko, you’re activists again. Part of the problem.

@JCM_Ness: Normalize kutumia hio akili yako kuambia viongozi ukweli. Ama wakati unaitwa state house na kwingineko huwa unaiachia wakavinye?

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