“No artist can break my record” – Mr Nice says he made more than 10 billion in his songs

Mr. Nice, a seasoned artist and one of the founding members of Bongo Flava, has boasted that no other artist in the present or even the following generation could match his sales figures or the income he generated from the dissemination of his works.

The star of “Fagilia” stated in an interview that his record has not been broken and will not be in the next century, despite the fact that at the time digital platforms for downloading, streaming, and distributing music did not exist.

According to Mr. Nice, he distributed more than a million CD discs during that time and amassed more than 10 billion Tanzanian shillings.

“No one can reach my record. If there is someone who can reach it, come here and say it. But they know they can’t. I was selling CDs, I was not selling online.

And if I was able to sell more than one million CDs; leave with Tapes, leave with VHS. Those are CDs only. I made millions, something that no artist can make right now,” Mr Nice said.

The announcer asking the artist to estimate how many millions he could make made the artist a little irate.

Mr Nice says he made more than 10 billion in his songs
Mr Nice says he made more than 10 billion in his songs

When the announcer said it was millions instead of billions, Mr. Nice became offended and said that the broadcaster was disrespecting him.

“Are you asking if it could reach one billion? Brother, let me ask another question. I shot more than 10 billion going forward there,” he added.

The singer claimed that many people believe traditional artists like him and others like TID are currently living in poverty without realizing their significant prior contributions to the music industry and how it significantly raised them.

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