Alma Mutheu celebrates 17th birthday and Kenyans can’t believe her

Kenyan content creator Alma Mutheu has shocked her fans after revealing she was celebrating her 17th birthday.

“I am so proud of you,at your age I am still surprised how you get to maneuver through so much, you are the strongest and the most authentic,amazing,beautiful woman I have met so far. God is truly in your story😌❤️…Happy birthday Alma 🥰 I am turning 17, just in case anyone asks 😘”

Alma Mutheu
Alma Mutheu

Kenyans on social media called her out for lying, while others sought to prove that she couldn’t be 17 because they both graduated from high school the same year.

Social media investigators also unearthed a post from Alma’s prior Facebook account indicating she was born in 1998.

Alma admitted in an interview with Commentator that she is startled that people took her age joke so seriously that they insulted her.

She disclosed that she is not 17 years old, and it all started as a joke last year when she stated that girls will always be 16 years old.

She also revealed to media personality Oga Obinna last year that she was only 16 years old.

” It was a joke, someone asked about my age and I said girls will forever be sweet 16, people took it literally and I decided to go along with it. Of course I am not 17 am in my 20s.”

Alma Mutheu
Alma Mutheu

Alma is one among many others who have paused their studies for content creation.

Alma revealed that she put her studies at the University on hold so that she can focus on content creation, a move she says she does not regret.

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