Bodies of missing Kenyan lady with her Nigerian boyfriend found stuffed in sacks

The body of missing Kenyan lady Rachael Kanini nicknamed Kaniss and her Nigerian partner Omodollar have been discovered dumped in a bush in Kamulu.

Rachael Kanini and her boyfriend Omodollar were abducted on June 25th by unknown intruders.

On Tuesday, their bodies were discovered. They’d been cut into little bits and packed into two sacks before being dumped in a forest near her parents’ house in Kamulu.

Kanini used to enjoy a glamorous lifestyle that she freely flaunted on social media. According to reports, Kaniss and Omodollar were together for ten years. It’s also unknown why the two were killed.

Kenyans have denounced the heinous crime that snatched two lives far too soon. Simon Mwangi Muthiora, a social media star and blogger, shared the following post on his Facebook page.

“THIS story is terrifying. Just days after Kamulu socialite Rachael Kanini, also known as “Kaniss,” and her Nigerian lover, Omodollar, were kidnapped, their dismembered bodies have been discovered, gruesomely packed into gunias. It seems they must have crossed paths with the wrong individual—their fate was no laughing matter, executed in true mafia style.”

Police have asked members of the public with knowledge that could assist them solve the mystery to come forward while the incident investigation continues.

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