University student in critical condition after being shot for knocking wrong door

A 21-year-old university student is in critical condition after being shot while attempting to enter the door to a police officer’s home, which she mistook for her boyfriend’s.

Natasha Nagaya is claimed to have been shot multiple times by police officer Dismas Tebangole in the early hours of Saturday after he heard her trying to unlock his door.

According to the Daily Monitor, Tebangole, 57, heard someone trying to open his door around 4 a.m. and, confused and suspicious, shot three rounds through the glass window.

“Upon being shot, the victim fell to the ground and cried out for help, asserting she was not a thief. She specifically mentioned Bandishe Ashraf, one of the tenants residing in the suspect’s residence.

The caretaker of the residence, Ssengendo Hanington, and other neighbours, responded to the scene. Subsequently, the suspect (police officer) emerged from his residence,” Kampala Metropolitan Deputy Police spokesperson Luke Owoyesgyire said.

After spending the evening together, the lady’s boyfriend gave her the key to his residence, which she confused for the police officer’s.

The police has subsequently been arrested, and the university student is in critical condition.

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