Size 8 says she normally calls Dj Mo’s father to help solve their marital issues

Size 8 and Dj Mo are getting open about their marriage journey and other experiences.

Size 8 says she normally calls Dj Mo's father to help solve their marital issues

The couple also spoke about the ups and downs of marriage and having God at the hub of their marriage.

In 2024, the Murayas will celebrate ten years of marriage. When asked about his experience as a married man, Dj Mo stated:

“As men we want marriages to work, you don’t need to pack and leave. If a man leaves it is to do rounds and then come back late at night.”

The Gospel DJ spoke to their condition in 2022, implying how terrible it was at the time.

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“First anatoka anaenda inakua stori refu. First anatoka, anaenda anaaambia mathee wanasema kila kitu so we kumuendea inakua eh tena ni case.”

Size 8 interjects and explains why this happens,

“Because ile matter and that’s why you have to go with wazees because when you were officially getting her you didn’t go alone, so in case anything happens they too must be informed.”

Size 8 says she normally calls Dj Mo’s father to help solve their marital issues

The gospel minister added, “Me this is what I think if for example Dj Mo is annoyed with me I call his dad because baba yake hawezi mchukia if Mo akikosa ile sana sio everyday ile ya imeenda excess we you call the dad.

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Let the dad talk to him, but now the problem is not many parents wako fair. Me that’s why I love my in-laws, side ya akina Mo babake ni mfair mpaka I do need to call my dad, by the way, my dad doesn’t know we disagree, kwa hii hao, shida nyingi zetu husolviwa na baba ya Mo.”

Dj Mo agreed saying, “The good thing that I’ve come to realize on that note is kuna mahali mnafika kwa marriage hata hu pack tena kuna miaka unafika unafeel …” Size 8 interjects, “Kupack ni kutishia” as Dj Mo protests saying, “Hio si poa.”

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Size 8 says she normally calls Dj Mo’s father to help solve their marital issues

Size 8 defended why women pack and leave a marriage when things get difficult, “Inakuanga mshtuko.”

Dj Mo said that they have since reduced the number of marital arguments they have because neither of them is petty anymore about small matters.

“Saa hii fights zetu zimereduce kuna vitu hatupiganii, fights zimereduce hatuko petty, kuna pettiness ingine.”

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