“Nifungulie iyo mdomo yako inanuka tena” – TikToker Nyako threatens to report Kibe to American embassy

Nyako Pilot, a Kenyan TikToker, has slammed Andrew Kibe for making disparaging remarks about her on his YouTube channel.

Kibe referred to her as a ‘bootleg Akothee’ on his YouTube channel on Thursday, May 18.

“She is online screaming, usipatie Mjaluo doh, they will never let you sleep.”

He chastised her for bragging about her travels.

“There is nothing as disgusting as seeing an old woman talking nonsense,” he said.

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Nyako admonished Kibe while also threatening to take action against him.

She claims Kibe is unable to attack Americans due of their strict privacy regulations, as opposed to Kenyans, where Kibe abuses women by exploiting weaknesses in Kenyan legislation.

“I know how America works, nitaje tena na hiyo mdomo yako inanuka kwanza naenda Kenya. I can even go to the American embassy and report you,” Nyako screamed at Kibe on a TikTok live session.

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“Nifungulie iyo mdomo yako inanuka tena ati you are looking for views. Uta pata hizo views, utanipata Kenya. You are joking with American system, umeshinda umebully watu umebully watu nobody says nothing about that Andrew Kibe, because Andrew Kibe has the last say about women, acha Andrew Kibe.”

“You have knocked on the wrong door the wrong hmmm,” she concluded.

This beef has excited Kenyans who are thrilled with the drama between the two.

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