Ezekiel Mutua slams Sophia Wanuna for being unprofessional in her interview with Gachagua

The head of the Kenyan Music Copyright Society, Ezekiel Mutua, criticized KTN’s Sophia Wanuna for being unprofessional in her interview of deputy president Rigathi Gachagua.

Sophia Wanuna received a reprimand from Ezekiel Mutua for repeatedly interrupting deputy president Rigathi Gachagua during a live interview.

Ezekiel Mutua slams KTN’s Sophia Wanuna for being professional in her interview with DP Rigathi Gachagua.
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Sophia did not give Gachagua enough time to react to the questions that were posed to him, according to Mutua.

The head of MCSK lectured Wanuna on Twitter in a post saying:

“Eish. . .Sophia Wanuna, you are not interviewing a political candidate. Rigathi Gachagua is the Deputy President of the Republic of Kenya. Give him time to explain his points. You can conduct a professional interview without bellicose jingoism!” he tweeted.

Kenyans were divided with some asking Mutua to stick to his lane.

Check out some of the comments below;

@martmartinels: If they fail to ask those that I call “hard quizzes” still you will say unprofessional… Mmmmmh.

@Patrickkimani_: She is a Journalist and fair to you that you are a deputy Jesus. Stick to your work.

@omwansaE: Arrange your interviews with DP and send here for marking

@Jamajanke1: Mutua is licking boots here…. Have you guys watched Hardtalk, Amanpour & the likes.

@DrPNyongesa: Wewe gwachana na Sophie, find other means of looking for a job from UDA!

@BenjahPatrobas1: Sir , with due respect, if your are looking for a job in the current administration stop being dishonest with yourself.nkt.

@FredRico4: There has been a misunderstanding among local journalists that for an interview to be impactful it has to be combative. Far from true. Two way communication encourages the best of both the guest and host .

@OgayaOgaya: You can do better to audition for a job with the new government without trying to bring down a fellow journalist. @SophiaWanuna is doing just fine.

@NoOnness: My guy! I thought you understood journalism thus heading a media docket? swali tu.

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