Abel Mutua acquires new Land Rover Discovery, parts ways with old Benz

After five years of ownership, popular filmmaker Abel Mutua traded in his cherished Mercedes Benz E250 for a new Land Rover Discovery 4.

Mutua revealed his enthusiasm about his new automobile in a video provided by Eddie Butita, humorously comparing it to Njugush’s car.

“Timothy Kimani Ndegwa do not talk to me. In case to need to say something write an email and we will respond in three to five business days. Kimani it is over for you,” Abel joked in the clip.

Mutua earlier declared on social media that he would be selling his old Mercedes Benz.

The father of one wrote a touching note, which was accompanied by a video of the treasured automobile being put into a truck.

In the caption, he thanked the car for the precious memories and experiences it provided him over the years.

Miss GT (God’s Time) was the vehicle’s moniker.

“And after five beautiful years, it’s time to say goodbye. This one was truly one of the best we’ve ever had. It really does feel some type of way, but, you know, Change is inevitable. I pray Miss GT finds a beautiful home coz she well deserves it. Mlisema stage ya Kiambu ilihama pale Park Road ama nirisk tu?” actor wrote.

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