Samidoh & Karen Nyamu Gang Up Against Robert Alai: “Endelea kunyonywa mbo*o na wanaume”

Mugiithi musician Samidoh has slammed lawmaker Robert Alai for circulating false allegations that he was bribed to protect DJ Fatxo in the matter involving Jeff Mwathi’s tragic death.

DJ Fatxo shed light on the events surrounding that sad day on Monday, 22 May, disclosing the involvement of fellow artist and police officer Samuel Muchoki Ndirangu, also known as Samidoh.

Jeff Mwathi was Samidoh’s nephew, and Samidoh was heavily involved in the investigation.

Fatxo revealed that Samidoh paid a visit to Jeff’s home immediately after his death, accompanied by detectives.

Samidoh was essential in determining the unusual circumstances of Jeff’s demise.

The tale surrounding the window through which Jeff supposedly leapt was one of the more confusing aspects of the case.

According to Fatxo, the authorities asked Samidoh to try to fit through the window due to his slim build.

Many people were surprised when Samidoh squeezed through the tight gap.

In response to the developing scenario, Robert Alai stated on his Facebook page that Samidoh was “bribed” to save DJ Fatxo.

“Samidoh has been bribed to save the murderer who is a fellow artists. Nonsense. A suspect is openly bragging how serving police officer helped him escape murder charges.” Alai claimed.

Samidoh flatly disputed the charges and fired back against Alai, saying:

“Wee kipii kazi yako nikutafuta tu relevance na vitu hujui!”

Nyamu also attacked Robert Alai telling him to stop mastu*bating using Samidoh’s photos.


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