Mamake Bobo reveals why she took a break from Social Media

Lorna Mweu, popularly known as Mamake Bobo on social media, has stunned her online followers by deleting her social media account.

Mamake Bobo, known for her commitment for women’s empowerment, recently organized a hugely successful Period Party, a recurring event focused at educating young girls about menstruation health.

Her abrupt absence from the digital arena, however, has raised concerns about her well-being.

She described her problem with carrying the worries of others in her explanation, admitting that she got an incredible number of messages daily, reaching a whopping 90,000 unread messages.

Mamake Bobo stated that her inability to deal with all of the troubles she encountered in the messages drove her away from social media.

“I was exhausted from carrying other people’s problems. On an average day, I would receive around 300 messages, and all these people had their problems. Imagine listening to people’s problems without being able to solve them. I couldn’t handle it anymore,” Mamake Bobo expressed in a recent interview with a local media outlet.

Mamake Bobo’s inner suffering was confirmed by a close acquaintance, who also stressed her newfound contentment.

Despite earning a good living from her social media platform, Mamake Bobo elected to take a break, putting her mental health first.

“While I may never attract the same kind of following as her, one thing is certain: if your mental well-being is at stake, whether in your personal life or career, it’s essential to prioritize it,” the friend said according to Nairobi News

Mamake Bobo’s brave decision to walk away from the social media spotlight demonstrates her dedication to self-care and personal growth.

While her departure may surprise her legions of followers, Mamake Bobo has decided to refocus her efforts on her marketing career.

She hopes to regain her energy, achieve balance, and ensure that her mental health remains a key priority by taking this sabbatical.

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