Edday Nderitu laughs at Karen Nyamu’s black eye – “Alipigwa tena”

Edday Nderitu has made fun of Karen Nyamu’s allegations that Samidoh had physically abused her.

On Friday, June 23, 2023, Senate Speaker Amason Kingi presided over a Scout and Girl Guide event in Nyeri, when the UDA-nominated senator was spotted with what appeared to be a black eye.

Internet users came to the rapid conclusion that Samidoh had beaten her once previously, in August 2021, while she was carrying their daughter.

Minigaidi Niogope, a Facebook user, made fun of Karen Nyamu by claiming that she spent Ksh420,000 on wine for Samidoh on Father’s Day only for him to beat her senseless.

“Kule kwengine ata baada ya kununua pombe ya 420 lakini wapi malipo ni mangumi. Nothing but prayers,” Minigaidi Niogope wrote.

Reacting to Minigaidi Niogope’s comment, Edday Nderitu said the beating was like a prescription.

“Minigaidi Niogope hizo huwa kama prescription,” Edday wrote.

Karen Nyamu was disturbed that people were making jokes about gender-based violence while reacting to claims that Samidoh battered her again.

“Watu wanamake fun of gender-based violence, especially watu hawanilike they think that gender-based violence is something you can use to settle scores or something you can wish on your enemy – and these are women,” Karen Nyamu lamented in a Facebook video.

The mother of three added that she is not the kind of person who keeps quiet when she is battered.

“I am not one to keep quiet about such a thing, unajua mi sijui kuficha white. One truthful person after Riggy G in this country is Karen Nyamu. So hio si kitu naweza nyamazia,” she said.

Nyamu additionally said that she confronted Samidoh about claims on social media that he beat her black and blue, revealing that her baby daddy told her just to ignore the allegations.

“I have raised it with the person who people think has hit me ameniambia ‘ahh wewe lenga’ you know, how we dismiss every other thing that they say about us,” she said.

“If it is true ni ukweli nilikua nimegongwa ngumi, kama ni ukweli nilikua na black eye yani hivo ndo ingekua tu story ya gossip?” She added.

Karen Nyamu stressed that the main reason why she decided to address claims that she was beaten was to raise awareness about gender-based violence.

“My main reason for coming live tonight is to raise awareness to people who think that dem kuchapwa ana chali kuchapwa ni kitu ya kawaida. It is not. Na si kitu ya kusettle scores nayo,” she said,

Nyamu further reiterated that she had not been physically assaulted, adding that if it happens she would come out to speak about it.

“Sijapigwa ngumi na nikipigwa nitakuwa hapa hapa kulia, kuleta shida and whatever coz mi siwezi ficha white. Kitu kama hio siwezi kanyagia,” she said.

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