Oga Obinna blasts Kenyan celebrities for being indiscipline: “They show up smelling sweat”

Kenyan celebrities have come under fire from comedian Oga Obinna on social media, who claims that it can be challenging to collaborate with them at times.

Obinna accused Stevo Simple Boy of skipping a meeting that could have led to a lucrative employment opportunity with a bookmaker.

The former Kiss 100FM DJ vented his annoyance on social media, saying he was disappointed in the musician after hearing him beg for assistance and allegedly went above and beyond to assist him.

“So this just happened and I’m just disappointed at Stivo, his management and his ‘friend’. He is going through something from what has been published the last one week. I speak to some boss friends of mine. One decides to come through and give him a job. 1-year contract with @mo2bet, I call Vaga, schedule a meeting for today a couple of days ago. Only for today to happen the way I’ve recorded it. If we continue like this….” he wrote.

The situation prompted the comedian to share his two cents on the negative side of Kenyan celebrities, going on to describe them as indisciplined.

“Helping Kenyan celebrities is an uphill task, its a tough job. It’s a job for people who are not faint-hearted. The celebrities the superstars, that includes comedians the musicians, dancers, DJs that I have interacted with one on one that I have interacted with, that I have tried to put bread on their table, tried to secure the bag for them, 99% have disappointed me.

What is wrong with us? The main thing that is ailing the entertainment industry is indiscipline. Indiscipline is very broad but today I want to focus on a few parts of indiscipline. Kenyan artists or celebrities from comedians to musicians to content creators name them are very indisciplined,” he ranted.

According to Obinna, most celebrities do not keep their word their word and portray serious unprofessional traits.

“They don’t do what they say they will do, when they say they will do it, or how they say they will do it. They start something, they don’t finish. They don’t keep time; you call someone who is supposed to meet a client or put bread on your table and they show up three hours later.

They show up smelling sweat, looking all messed up, looking hangovered because to them they are a big deal,” he added.

It is often assumed that because a public figure has a huge following on their social media platforms, they deserve all the big deals but Obinna strongly disagrees.

“Most people think just because you have this number of followers you need to enter a boardroom and be given 5, 10 million… it takes time persistence, patience and perseverance. Very few people get a deal of 10 million, it’s a handful maybe five for as long as I can remember.

Most of us thrive by bringing the small earnings together, you take a little from here and another from there and put it together. But you, you are a superstar, will you eat followers and likes? Let’s just think and reason,” he said.

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