Nabii Yohana: Meet Bungoma ‘prophet’ who has 42 wives with 289 children

Yohana Tano Nabii, 82, a self-proclaimed prophet from Nandolia village in Bungoma county, claims to have treated patients suffering from HIV/AIDS, cancer, leprosy, and wounds.

Nabii, a guy with 42 wives, spoke with Star in an exclusive interview about how he has used herbal medicine to heal many of his clients.

He claims to see at least 70,000 people per year.

The father of 289 children claims to help reconcile divorced men and women.

Bungoma 'prophet' Nabii Yohana
Bungoma ‘prophet’ Nabii Yohana

Nabii also stated that he has his own Bible with 69 books in it that he uses to teach his Muungano Church followers.

“All my services are linked to the Bible. I am the only God’s man who will change the gospel of this world,” he said.

In the interview at his Nzoia residence, Nabii said he was born in 1940 in what is today Saboti constituency in Trans- Nzoia county.

His father later relocated to Kanduyi in Bungoma county when he was eight years old and before he (Nabii) abandoned his family to serve the Lord.

“Serving the Lord is something that I started a long time ago and I have never given up,” he said, adding that he has been in service for 62 years.

Nabii further said God gave him the ability to prophesy, pray for the sick and treat patients with herbal medicines.

He said he has prayed for millions of people from all over the world.

Nabii also said he attends to the clients free of charge without asking for cash, arguing that it was a gift given to him by God and he won’t let clients pay him.

Nabii has five residences: three in Bungoma (Nandolia, Matulo and Webuye), Kitale and Lugari in Kakamega.

Bungoma 'prophet' Nabii Yohana
Bungoma ‘prophet’ Nabii Yohana

He said his youngest wife is 24 years old, with a six-month pregnancy. Nabii said he is still young and he will still marry more wives in future.

“I have a big farm and enough resources to finance my family,” he said.

Nabii has his own church in his compound with wards to admit patients in bad condition.

“These herbs sometimes have side effects to the body therefore in my compound I have set aside some rooms where patients can rest and undergo prayers,” he said.

After praying for the sick, he moves to Chwele River and baptises them in water, saying it is a way of washing their sins.

Nabii’s 10th wife, Catherine Nalonja, who is a mother of five, said she was was married in 2002. She all the 42 wives stay and relate well with the prophet.

She added that Nabii has no problem with providing for the family.

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