“Nyota yangu imeibiwa”: Famous Herbal doctor, Dr Peter Murugu, seeks help from Pastor Ezekiel

A video of Peter Murugu pleading for divine intervention to preserve his formerly successful business, which is currently in freefall, has surfaced online.

Famous Herbal doctor, Dr Peter Murugu, seeks help from Pastor Ezekiel
Famous Herbal doctor, Dr Peter Murugu, seeks help from Pastor Ezekiel

The medical professional built a reputation for himself across the nation by opening clinics all over the place while relying primarily on natural materials for his trade.

Murugu frequently visited media venues, where he promoted his company and gained widespread fame.

However, things took a bad turn when the company he established started to fail.

To ask God for help, he just visited Pastor Ezekiel’s New Life International Church.

The doctor informed the priest that some of his relatives had been conspiring behind his back to sabotage his business effort.

He said that his recent commercials were no longer effective.

“My wife and mother-in-law are working in cahoots to finish me before taking my property. I was told to seek the help of a witch doctor to protect me. I had planned to meet a Luhya herbalist who would mend things for me,” said Murugu.

About peter Peter Macharia Murugu

He is the founder of Murugu Herbal and Nutritional clinic and inventor of Libi-power.

Dr Peter Macharia Murugu is a Kenyan renowned herbalist who has made immense contribution in research and discovery of herbal remedies to various allergy, hormonal, and chronic problems in human beings.

Peter Macharia Murugu
Peter Macharia Murugu

Murugu’s contribution to herbal medicinal research and development of curative herbal medicine has been recognized in Kenya and beyond borders.

On September 5, 2014, Murugu was crowned Person of The Year for his lead role in spearheading research in herbal medicine.

Dr Murugu shared same award alongside other key personalities who had excelled in other areas including First Lady Margaret Kenyatta, Safaricom CEO Bob Collymore, and his Equity BankEquity Bank counterpart James Mwangi.

Dr Peter Murugu has been a key consultant on herbal medicine and has been featured in leading media houses in Kenya.

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