Khaligraph Jones launches new side hustle in thrilling video

Yesterday, Khaligraph Jones’ display of his amazing new side business astonished and amused many Kenyans.

The father of 4 showed of his new ‘jobo’ to Kenyans in a video that he posted on his Instagram page.

And his new side hustle?! Drum roll please!!! Becoming a driver for a ride-hailing service ama in short an ‘Uber’ driver.

His cheeky caption read, “Ndio Kuingia Kazi Kabla maandamano, Request now 💯💯 #Respecttheogs”

Kenyans many of them celebs were left in stitches from the obvious trolling the ‘Omollo’ rapper was doing on his page.

Read some of the comments below;

namelesskenya Sasa huyu ndio Omollo mwenyewe😂😂😂

fidz_phlegmatic OG, nime request Uber. Niko hapa kwa shtage 😅ndovu_kuuUmekaa back left na unaendesha😂😁😂

officialiyanii Alafu utashuka aje kwa hiyo Moti …?😂😂

kamih_creations Alafu abebe ule dem wa matusi 😂 akutukane

porgie_kahia 😂😂😂😂 yooo hiyo gari utabadilisha shocks after umalizane…😂😂😂

mcsamora Hahahaha usanii ni ngumu

kenyantrey 😂😂😂could be the most interesting Uber drive🔥😂

djkislev Belt kidogo ikunyonge 😂😂

mwangi_mercedes Una ufala 😂😂😂

its_nurse_hollet Use me as the button to respect OG👉

smutty._uncle._ Mad respect🔥❤️ukiangalia picha anakaannga this mad serious guy lakini kwa ground anakaa tu all fun kuhang around🔥💪👊

badiahon.clement In every element of work there’s fun. Kazi ni kazi 👍☀️

stephen_kariuki Ati wamesema @khaligraph_jones ni boy wangu lakini hapo hakuna talanta? 😂😂 usanii imekataa. Anyway, nimerequest, uko? Na uwache kuniuliza imesema pesa ngapi pande yako 😂

And why do I say that the musician is trolling? Well, just look at the investments muscly artiste has been making the past few years.

Firstly, he runs a highly successful garage. Secondly, he is building one of the biggest mansions in Kenya by an a celeb.

It is so huge that even fellow celeb Gidi publicly praised Khaligraph over his home after being astounded by the sheer size and spectacle.

Lastly, the singer is the latest Coke Studio 2023 representative, something that really enhances the ‘pocket’ (if you know what I mean)

Either way, the musician is most likely doing what he can to subtly show his support to many Kenyans who are complaining about the cost of living.

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