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Kiraitu promises to deliver a wife for Mithika Linturi

Meru governor Kiraitu Murungi has pledged to organise a fund drive for Meru senator Mithika Linturi to contribute funds for him to get a wife.

According to Murungi, Linturi has divorced 16 wives.

In Tigania East on Thursday Kiraitu said he is a Njuri Ncheke elder and he will call other elders.

“I want some elders from Miraa growing Nyambene to come with Miraa and others to come with the goats so we can conduct a dowry ceremony for Linturi,” Kiraitu said.

Meru deputy governor said Linturi cannot manage a marital affair and he would not be able to manage the county.

But Linturi fired back and said he does not require a wife as he already has one.

“He should conduct the harambee for himself to get another wife,” he said.

Linturi said he has a wife and children and is comfortable.

“Kiraitu is the one who requires another wife it seems he has failed to handle the one he has and needs to add another to his stock,” Linturi said.

He said he respects Kiraitu and he should stop such abuses.

“If he shoots with a pistol I will return with an AK 47 so he should be warned I am not afraid of his verbal attacks. I respect him as my father but if he is rattling a snake he will be bitten,” Linturi said.

“If he goes around looking for me he will surely find me,” Linturi said.

Kiraitu is defending his seat on the Devolution empowerment Party (Mbus) while Linturi is vying for governor on a UDA ticket.

The two campaigned together in 2017 under Jubilee party and managed to win the governor and senator seats respectively.

However, Linturi is warning residents against reelecting Kiraitu he describes himself as the best alternative.

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